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Antares Vision is a company created to respond to a growing demand within the pharmaceutical industry regarding the themes of security and quality control. Thanks to 20 years experience in pharmaceutical vision technology and related applications, Antares became in few years a front runner for inspection systems and a leader in complete hardware and software solutions for Track & Trace.
Antares Vision solutions for in-line packaging control and quality has been chosen by most of the top 20 most important multinational pharmaceutical companies.
At the heart of Antares Vision is a Research & Development team made up of technicians and managers with many years of experience in developing vision systems in numerous industries and service sectors: Antares take advantage and concentrates new technologies and its application knowledge, gained through its work in the differing and very advanced industrial sectors. Antares solutions are based on unique experiences and lessons learned embedded into its hardware & software platforms, integration services, and project implementation procedures.

This group of specialists has in fact raised the bar for vision system applications in terms of speed, precision and accuracy of checks, developing applications once thought impossible.
Antares Vision believes research and development activity to be strategic. It is this belief which makes us dedicate a big amount of our turnover to R&D activity and to base our business model on creating relationships with universities, research centres and consortia in order to develop technologies.
This innovative attitude is the secret of Antares Vision’ success and it has been awarded in 2013 with the championship of the European Business Awards.
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