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Sedi: ATA SPA Via di Piaggia, 2/a 55100 LUCCA Italy

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ATA SpA Advanced Technology Assessment is a business intelligence company developing a unique combination of knowledge-bases, powerful software, technological solutions and expertise to support decision-makers in identifying actionable patterns in complex dynamic business environments.

ATA relies on an international interdisciplinary team whose competencies span diverse fields such as Economics, Sociology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Computer Science.

ATA develops technological and consulting solutions for private and public high-technology institutions, providing quick and reliable technological advice to corporations, government agencies and non-profit organizations.

Working at ATA means contributing to ground-breaking research and developing tools to solve novel problems. We are continuously challenged to think beyond traditional approaches and propose new solutions. Constant communication with co-workers and clients who have complementary skills and diverse backgrounds creates a stimulating work environment. The ability to identify critical tasks, to prioritize, and to execute simultaneous projects is a necessity. ATA is fast-paced, multi-disciplinary, and multi-lingual.
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