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Punkt Tronics AG
Punkt Tronics AG

Punkt Tronics AG

Punkt Tronics AG (Punkt.) is a growing International start-up, which operates in the International consumer electronic business and is based in Lugano, Switzerland.

The company’s core business objective is to conceive and produce high quality electronic design products, which can truly improve people’s lives, mainly within the home.

Punkt. works with high-level designers and the best electronic producers, which typically manufacture the products in Asia. Very selected distributors look after the introduction of all products into all European markets at top-end quality stores. Punkt.’s Vision includes being eventually distributed all over the world.

Growing a business in these very competitive markets represents a challenge from all perspectives; particularly if, like in this case, products are conceived in-house, conceptualized by different designers and produced in outsourcing by external ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers).

The technical coordination and supervision of the overall process, from product conception to production, is one of Punkt.’s key-success factors.
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