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Wedjaa srl

Wedjaa srl

Wedjaa srl

The name Wedjaa is after “We Do Just About Anything” and represents the key to our business: we are able to accomplish a lot of different tasks with the same capability to solve uneven problems.
The field seems already filled with competitors, so why add one more? The push to create a new consulting company comes from a different take on consulting, and a vision of what role a consultant should fill. The keyword for Wedjaa is “Meta-consulting”.
We don't want to only provide support, taking the technical and management lead in projects, the delivery of required solutions. We want to be the spark that starts new projects, mapping the client problem domain with the leading technologies available at the time. Sometimes having good command of a business model is not enough if knowledge of the technology's status is lacking, especially in a time where new IT trends and technologies are born every single day.

In our vision, a meta-consultant is a consultant who is able to study and understand the clients' business model and map their processes onto existing technologies , being able to develop projects that could lead to new business opportunities or to the optimization of the production cycle. It's not simply consulting on a project; it's consulting on which projects could be started to the benefit of the client. In such a vision, in such a close relationship between client and consultant, it is clear that a very important issue is at stake: trust.

Technical Competences:

- Platform Security
- System Integration
- Software
- Open Source
- Project Management
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