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Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions pinpoint CvEngine as provider of services to Companies/Customers (hereinafter, "Customer/s"). CvEngine is a trademark registered by Kosmous S.r.l., whose registered office is at Roma, Via Padova 4 - p. IVA 07415851000 referred to "Kosmous".

CvEngine, after the user has registered and he's been validated too, allows him to submit, handle and edit personal data for the following purposes:
  • a) Free of charge publishing of a Curriculum Vitae accessible to all registered users of CvEngine. Private information such as first name, surname, date of birth, address , e-mail, phone numbers can be disclosed with CvEngine tools. You can always have a preview of the document to check the settings. Such information will be accessible once Employers are logged in on website, not for those explicitly marked from the Customer; those informations are accessible too if the Curriculum Vitae is sent via e-mail in PDF format through the website. Personal information will be kept as reserved and will not be accessible for users and companies registered on CvEngine.
  • b) Announcement publication of job offers that, implicitly, will contain personal info.
  • c) How to receive job offers via e-mail. Each candidate will get a default "Job-Alert” when signing in. It will allow him to receive job offers via email. Filters and settings, though, can always be edited in the Job Seekers Reserved Area.
CvEngine, after Company/User has registered and validated, provides the following services:
  • a) Free of charge publishing for job offers for a year time-period and it starts from the subscription date on website from Company;
  • b) After the first year of service publishing with charges, by the purchase of credits and announcements for job offers. The Company will be granted for complimentary credits on a bi-monthly basis for job offers publishments totally free of charge.
  • Publishing with fees by the purchase of credits for highlighted job offers, featured on the website and/or in newsletter;
  • Addictional services with fee, by the purcase of credits, such as: box with the company logo highlighted on the site, a blog post in CvEngine, text adv in the newsletter.
We also remind you that job offers can easily get back personal information of the candidate or the company publishing the offer.

To use CvEngine services, the User agrees to:
  • a) give personal data as requested when signing up, keeping them up-to-date on a regular basis providing full data.
  • b) refresh constantly log in data to keep them updated and complete. If Users provide unsafe or incomplete information, or if CvEngine assumes they aren' t to be guaranteed, incomplete or not kept up-to-date, CvEngine is free to freeze, temporarily or not, the User's profile.
  • c) a user allowing his children under 18 to access CvEngine services, agrees to assist them with account creation, curriculum vitae writing and to handle their access and to the services, bearing in mind the child has access to every service, even to send personal data ( such a curriculum vitae) to other people.
  • d) fully accept the “Terms and Conditions” as described in this paper.
After signing up, both the User and the Company have full access to their reserved area, with a login name and password. The User will keep Username and password safe and secret. He also agrees to:
  • a) Communicate as soon as possible to CvEngine if the Account has been subject to an unauthorized use.
  • b) Users must logout at the end of each session. In no event CvEngine will We be liable for any direct violations of this article.
  • c) Users and companies are aware they can have access to CvEngine services only after registration data are validated, thus the User is the responsible to keep Account and Password data safe and to use them in a proper way. Every access with Account and Password will be coupled with the User, with no exception. Customers and users are aware CvEngine can produce, whenever it decides to, as a proof of the operations made by the user or by the customer and the relationships between him and the customers and/or the users, results coming by computer tools used by CvEngine to handle services access.
The User agrees that CvEngine is in no way responsible for indecent, offensive or inadequate contents. Moreover, CvEngine does not grant that contents are licit or correct, especially if they provoke damages through data search or electronic sending or other transmissions through CvEngine services. The User explicitly negates every CvEngine responsibility in terms of publishing of unauthorized materials or breaking of property rights. The User takes full responsibility, as for Italian laws and for those of his Country, and for all international treaties on property rights. The User allows every other User of CvEngine site to examine, save and reproduce every material he publishes.

The User do know that every material and info he publishes can be indexed by mail search engines and this might mean that data will remain in those search engines’ cache memory, even after removing it from CvEngine’s site.

The User will NOT use CvEngine services in order to:
  • a) transmit or diffuse reprehensible contents;
  • b) damage young people;
  • c) state a false identity
  • d) spam in every way through sending his Curriculum Vitae.
The User (whether Job Seeker or Company) agrees that CvEngine staff can, at its discretion, deactivate an account and suspend services, or remove or unapprove contents

For example, CvEngine will be able to do it when thinking that the User may have acted in a way that does not reflect this usage terms, or even if other users indicate behaviors that go against ethical and legal rules about work exploitation, not paid work, Italian laws violation, etc...

CvEngine has the complete right, in every time and condition, to suspend or cease its services, even without a previous warning. The User agrees that every suspension or ending of its service’s access as stated in these Terms of Use may happen even without warning and that CvEngine will be able to deactivate or immediately delete his account and every related info or to negate a new access.

Companies willing to advertise job offers agrees to handle contacts with the candidate by using the tools of the site and not by having direct contacts i.e. publishing e-mail addresses, phone/fax numbers, etc.. If one of our operators find any of the previous, they can change the contents of the offer, without notifications, and delete those referrals. Candidates interested in the job offer make their contact info visible to the Company when applying. In no event CvEngine is liable for the deals between company and candidate, apart from tools for messaging and workflows both available to Companies and Users. That’s why CvEngine can' t deal with the quality, security or laws linked with the job offers or the reliability and accuracy of personal information, it also can't handle the ability of employers to offer jobs or working skills of candidates.

Candidates interested in advertising “Professional Services” indicates your agreement to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and agrees to receive users feedbacks. Candidates also agree to avoid straight contacts by e-mail, phone/fax number or mail publishing, etc… If any of our operators find they broke the rule, they can remove those contacts without notification, also editing the original ad. In no event, CvEngine is liable for any damages through its feedback system: these features reward Users that visit us on a regular basis and they have real advantages, and they are not intended to discriminate people who offer professional services.

The kind and type of Services Kosmous provides to user are relative to the purchase of credits for publishing and spread of job offers on the website and in the CvEngine newsletter and they are related to purchase of credits for scope services. Kosmous S.r.l. provides services to the Customer inherently to the purchase of credits to publishing and spread of job offers highlighted in the website and in the CvEngine newsletter. All the fares, if not expressed, don' t include tax charges. You can pay the bill with a wire transfer and once received, Kosmous will send to the specified e-mail address an electronic receipt for your purchase. Customer will take care to report to Kosmous any change to the specified e-mail address. In his own reserved page, Customer can always check the status of the transactions, download invoice advices and the invoices. All the taxes, resulting by using the Services from Customer will charged to him. If date of payment exceeds 30 days, Kosmous may decide to stop the service, as stated in art. 1460 cod. civ. and Customer, without requiring to bring a default action, will have to pay interest on arrears to be calculated on the basis of the legal rate of interest plus 5%, and Kosmous may claim even more as a compensation for liquidated damages.

The agreement between Kosmous and the Customer, regarding only services with fees is regulated by the use of a system of credits to publishing and diffusion of job offers and the contract is defined as over by the time Kosmous receives payment for the services.

Violations to system security measures and/or eventual unauthorized access attempts to it may result in civil or penal responsibility. Kosmous S.r.l. reserves to itself the chance of investigating on behaviors that may result in violations of civil or penal laws, even taking in the Authorities to prosecute violations’ authors.

CvEngine does not grant for accuracy, truth, completeness or timing of info contained on our site, their usage’s risk is absolutely left to the User.

CvEngine does not grant that the site is without errors. Whether site usage or downloaded materials should cause damages to computers, CvEngine will be in no way responsible of costs for substitutions, repairs or maintenance. Moreover, CvEngine will be in no way responsible for any damage, whether coming or not coming from this agreement, from activation or usage of the site services or from its suspension or ending. Kosmous S.r.l., as established by law, leaves no guarantee, both explicit and not explicit. It does not grant accuracy, completeness or liability of materials, services, software, texts, graphics and links.

The User agrees to leave Kosmous S.r.l. free of any fault or money request for its creation of CvEngine, included legal expenses that may come from contents sent or received by Users, from the usage of services, from violations of usage rules or from violation of third party’s rights.

Should one or more of these Terms of Use be stated as invalid by competent authorities, this will not extend to other rules and terms: they will always be actual and functioning. These Terms of Use follow Italian Laws for everything that is not overtly stated and detailed by the rules above. For every debate that should come from rules interpretation, rules effectiveness or from the whole content of these Terms of Use, Foro of Rome will be the only valid judge.

Kosmous S.r.l. has the right to change in every moment these rules, just by previously warning users 5 days earlier, with a written letter (or even via email). When the User receives this communication, he can choose to end the agreement. If he does not says so in 5 days’ time, counted from the communication receipt, new rules and conditions will be silently accepted and fully effective for the User.



Kosmous s.r.l. (from now on "Kosmous"), in order to allow a better match between job offer and demand, allows you to advertise job offers and to apply to them, throught its site

That’s why Kosmous demands to the interested one to supply every data useful to identify the working position offered or to verify the suitability to cover the working positions indicated in those announcements.

Kosmous is engaged to make use of the received information, in the respect of the enforced normative picture and, in particolar way, the respect of the placed dispositions to protection of the confidentiality of the personal data. To such care, in adhesion to the specific content of D. lgs. 196/03, Kosmous invites you to read the following.

1. Personal data treatment


Data will be used by Kosmous on paper, computer and telematic support.

Kosmous shaped the system and the programs in order to reduce to its minimum the use of personal and identification data.

Kosmous will ensure that:
  • 1) they are registered correctly, so that your identità is nt misunderstood;
  • 2) they are updated every time you’ll ask for it;
  • 3) they are kept in a way that allows your identification for a period no longer than that needed by the purposes for which they have been collected.

Kosmous, in order to promote the meeting between job supply and demand, will be able to ask to fill in on its site some of your personal data.

Kosmous has the right to remove from the archives the received data, if it turns out to be inexact, if you don’t fulfill the agreement or if it is not updated.

Moreover, Kosmous will be able to ask for more data in order to offer information about its initiatives and activities and to know get a feedback about offered services, in order to increase the easiness of approach. Again, with such purposes, and keepping you anonymous, Kosmous will be able to use all data supplied to make stats.

Kosmous gathers or may gather data through your usage of the site, to see visited areas and used services. Moreover, Kosmous collects or can collect data affering directly your computer and programs you use. This may include your IP address, browser, domain names, access time, visited sites: it won’t be considered personal data.

It’s not compulsory to give Kosmous the asked data. If you don’t, however, you won’t be able to apply to job offers on If you give your personal data you automatically and consciously adhere to the above said data treatment.

2. Sensibile data treatment.

2.1 If the information supplied to Kosmous contains sensibile data (that is, it reveals racial, ethnic, religious or philosophical data, political opinions, religious, philosophical, political or trade-union association, let alone your state of health and sexual life), Kosmous will be able to use such only with your written consent. If you supply sensibile data, send a letter with your consent to Kosmous - Via Giuseppe Scarabelli 6, 00157 Roma.

2.2 Data about people under 18 will be used as for 1. only with their parents or tutors consent.

3. Messages and data transfer.


Kosmous will communicate to third parties your data just if: it is needed in order to achieve goals stated at 1., and when required by the law, if requested by administrative or legal structures and when Kosmous believes that it’s needed to adhere to the law; to protect Kosmous rights or properties, or those of its affiliates; to prevent a crime or to protect national security; to protect its personal security or that of its users.
That’s why your personal and identification data will be communicated to, among others:
  • a) job seekers or employers interested in the job you’re interested in;
  • b) Kosmous’ affilate companies;
  • c) users logged on;
  • d) public or private companies that need them by law;
  • e) companies who work on statistics and market research.
Kosmous will be able to use the acquired data in order to supply service requirements, to carry out market surveys and marketing studies, to supply information and/or offers of products, services or initiatives promoted from its trade partners: this will not mean that Kosmous is giving your personal data to third parties.


As for art. 43 D. Lgs. 196/03, in order to promote the meeting of job offer and search, Kosmous will be able to transfer your data abroad, even outside the EU.

We cannot exclude that, even with every protection, our site’s structure might let other people not stated above get your personal data.

You will always be able to ask Kosmous to delete your data; anyway, even if Kosmous will promptly say to third parties that your data must be removes, it won’t be considered responsible if third parties do not delete your data when asked.

4. Personal data treatment holder.

Personal data holder is Kosmous s.r.l., situated in Rome (IT), Via Padova 4. An updated list of people on duty of personal data treatment is kept by Kosmous center.


This site is property of:

Kosmous srl
Via Enzo Benedetto, 14 - 00173 - Roma - Italia
Tel. +39 06 41735400 -

Reproduction, transfer on any media, distribution, taking out and usage, of all or parts of the materials on this website is strictly prohibited and persecuted by the law.

Images and contents on this Website are used just for promotional and informative means.
CvEngine privacy policy is subject to the Italian laws.
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